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Photo taken at the 2015 Berrien County Youth Fair

Front: Karen Klug, Secretary, 2nd Row:Les Smith, Director, Susan Coulston, Treasurer, Linda Shinsky, Director, Cathy Reifschneider, Director

3rd Row: Brooke Totzke, Director, Bruce Foster, President

4th Row: Kala Hoover, Director, Corey Burks, 2nd Vice President

5th Row: Ken Kuespert, Director, Rob Christner, Director, Brian Smith, Director, Dan Stacey, Director, Tiffany Rydwelski, 1st Vice President, Mark Young, Director, Jim Kesterke, Director, Jon Vollman, Director


Chairman of the Board & President   Bruce Foster
First Vice President  Tiffany Rydwelski
Second Vice President   Corey Burks
Secretary       Karen M. Klug
Treasurer     Susan Coulston





Susan Coulston

Corey Burks

Rob Christner

Kelly Ewalt

Jim Kesterke

Bruce Foster

Linda Shinsky

Karen M. Klug

Kala Hoover

Les Smith

Tiffany Rydwelski

Ken Kuespert

Dan Stacey

Brian Smith

Cathy Reifschneider

Jon Vollman Mark Young

Broo,e Totzke


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Committee Chairmanships 2015 - 2016

Corey Burks - Emergency Services -Firemen (Co), Ems &  Security

Rob Christner - Small Animals - Rabbits, Poultry & Pocket Pets, Small Animal Sweepstakes

Susan Coulston - Finance, Gates Concessions/Rides, Ag Expo, USA Bldg., Endowment

Kelly Ewalt - - Lg. Animals - Beef, Dairy, Goats, Livestock Show Set up (Co) Baked Pie Contest

Bruce Foster - Auction, Sun. Exit Strategy

Kala Hoover -Premium Fundraising, King & Queen,  Entertainment - (Co) Artist Selection, Tickets, Ushers, Spec. Arrang.

Jim Kesterke - Signs/Fence, Fair time Shuttles, Ag Olympics, Small Animals - Dogs, Cats

Karen Klug -  Landscaping, Project (Co), Parade of Champions, Memorials, Ice Sales, Planning

Ken Kuespert - Technology, Audio, Fair Services - Trams

Cathy Reifschneider - Equine, Trophy

Tiffany Rydwelski - Wonders of Birth, Camping, Entry Office, Exhibitor Handbook

Linda Shinsky - Grounds office, By-Laws & Policies (Co), Historical, Mall Entertainment (Co)

Brian Smith -Large Animal Sweeps, Large Animals - Sheep, Swine & Llamas, Livestock Show Set Up (Co),  Commercial (Co)

Les Smith - Commercial (Co), Youth Exhibits Coordinator, Judges

Dan Stacey - Animal Health, Project (Co), Volunteer

Brooke Totzke - Y/E - Stills, Horticulture, Flowers, Crafts, Home Ec., By-laws & Policies (Co), Youth Tractor Oper. Contest, Mall Entertainment (Co)

Jon Vollman - Pedal Pull, Tractor Pull, Grandstand Chair Set-up, Equip. Scheduling & Sanitation, Tractor Show, Buildings & Grounds

Mark Young - Entertainment - (Co) Artist Selection, Tickets, Ushers, Spec. Arrang., Stage crew



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Sat Dec 31 @ 9:00AM - 04:00PM
Office Closed
Sun Jan 01 @ 9:00AM - 04:00PM
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Mon Jan 09 @ 7:30PM -
Fair Board Meeting
Wed Feb 01 @12:00AM
Market Beef Registration Deadline
Mon Feb 06 @ 7:30PM -
Fair Board Meeting